Canvit Natural Mobility for dogs 230 g

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CANVIT - Canvit Natural Mobility for dogs 230 g

The natural power of green-lipped mussel and Boswellia serrata extract combined with chondroprotectants for healthy joints and restriction-free movement.

The natural power of the Morel and Egg Membrane to support the joints.
Rapid onset of action at the site of injury.

Your four-legged friends deserve freedom of movement in all situations. Canvit Natural Mobility combines the power of natural extracts with traditional chondroprotectants for healthy joints, fast onset of action and unrestricted movement.

Canvit Natural Mobility combines natural ingredients and comprehensive chondroprotectants for healthy and strong joints in your dog.

– Natural power for healthy joints: green-lipped mussel and egg membranes are a source of omega-3 fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans for daily joint support.

– Rapid onset of action: Boswellia serrata and Uncaria tomentosa herbs known for their anti-inflammatory effect offer quick relief from joint problems.

– Maximum effectiveness of active ingredients: the unique combination of natural ingredients together with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid provides unrivalled support for healthy and diseased joints.

With Canvit Natural Mobility, every bite is not only tasty, but full of natural nutrients for your four-legged friend’s healthy joints!

Weight: 230 g

Ingredients: lactose,  glucosamine  (167,000  mg/kg),  lignocellulose,  chondroitin  sulphate  (68,000  mg/kg), hydrolyzed liver, methyl sulphonyl methane (50,000 mg/kg), dried Uncaria tomentosa (20,000 mg/kg), green-lipped mussels (20,000 mg/kg), eggshell membrane (10,000 mg/kg), hyaluronic acid (5,000 mg/kg), Boswellia serrata (5,000 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents: crude protein 5,0 %, crude fat 1,0 %, moisture 8,0 %, crude ash 6,0 %, crude fibre 4,0 %, calcium 0,1 %, phosphorus 0,1 %, sodium 0,1 %

Nutritional additives in 1 kg: vitamin C (3a312) 5 000 mg.

Dosage:Tablets are given directly from the hand or crushed into the feed. For the first 2 weeks it is advisable to administer a double dose of 1 tbl. per 15 kg of animal weight.