About us

The Canvit company is the Czech republic´s leading manufacturer of animal feed and vitamin and mineral supplements for pets.

Its history dates back to the 90´s of the last century. Currently the company produces CANVIT vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs, cats and other animals, NUTRICAN granular dog food, NUTRI HORSE vitamin and mineral supplements for horses, and an exclusive distributor of PAVO high quality horse feed and supplements in the Czech republic and Slovakia.

From the very beginning the Canvit company is committed to bringing the best quality and, therefore, employs the top engineers – nutritionists, technologists and vets.

Happy and healthy pets that bring us joy and love, are our main goal.

What can we support?

We focus on the most common health problems in dogs and cats, which can lead to a visit to the veterinarian:


Preparations for daily care are developed with regard to the various life stages, stress, eating habits, and the current needs of your pet (growth, aging, pregnancy, lactation, etc.). They contain unique combinations of vitamins and minerals to ensure the vitality, great condition, and especially the health of your dog or cat.


Hip dysplasia, arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone and joint diseases can make life for us and our pets uncomfortable and miserable. In addition, movement disorders have ceased to be the problem just in big dogs, but have increasingly also been seen in medium and small breeds, cats included. Effective combinations of substances to support the regeneration of articular cartilage and improve joint mobility can also reduce pain during movement and thus improve the lives of our four-legged friends.


Skin and coat create a perfect barrier against the external environment. The quality of the skin subsequently determines the quality and shine of the coat. In the absence of necessary nutrients in food, the first to change is the appearance of the skin and coat. Effective prevention and regular administration of Canvit series food supplements effectively nourishes the skin and coat, and thus helps to endow them with perfect quality and appearance.


The immune system is the basic line of body defence. By supporting and strengthening immunity we can effectively improve and enhance the lives of our pets. Do not forget to use them especially in high-risk situations, which are usually accompanied by a reduction in total defence, e.g. when delivering, lactation, surgery, travel, change in living space or rhythm, etc.


Indigestion, intolerance or vomiting are among the most frequent annoying health problems. Revealing their cause is often difficult and time consuming. Canvit series preparations allow the negative effects of digestive problems to be mitigated and improve not only the digestive process, but also overall functioning of the body and your pet‘s current condition. Remember that healthy digestion with efficient utilization of nutrients from food is a basic building block for the proper functioning of the whole body.


In veterinary practices, heart diseases (valvular defects, arrhythmias or cardiac myopathy, etc.) are often diagnosed in dogs and cats. Preventative care of the cardiovascular system and its proper function should therefore be for us a “matter of the heart”. Canvit series preparations contain substances such as omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, carnitine, etc., which are substances with proven beneficial effects on the cardiac function and circulatory system. They help your pet live a long and active life.


Healthy functioning of the nervous system is essential to vitality and viability. Health problems associated with impaired nerves are very often caused by deficiencies of some essential substances in the body. Canvit preparations contain the necessary nutrients in the right proportions, thus ensuring balance and healthy functioning of the nerves and senses.


Infections of bacterial and viral origin and the formation of kidney and urinary stones trouble many pets, especially later in life or after castration. We can reduce or completely eliminate a number of problems and their causes by a combination of proper diet and nutritional supplements. These are especially designed to prevent and reduce the risk of struvite and oxalate stones.


Obesity is the most common civilization disease, and affects not only people but also animals. Its danger lies in the fact that it is the initiator of a number of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases, etc. If you decide to change the diet and focus on reducing your pet‘s weight, use Canvit products. To achieve the desired effect, regular exercise goes without saying.


Stress is a causative factor in a number of serious diseases. By preventing and alleviating stressful situations we can significantly improve the lives of our pets. Remember that preparations for the suppression of stress only help to eliminate the consequences and mitigate its negative impacts on the body. It is important to find and wherever possible also to remove the causes of your pet´s stress.


For dogs and cats, teeth are indispensable lifelong tools for food processing. In addition, diseases of the teeth and oral cavity trigger other diseases. Canvit series preparations focus on the daily care of dental hygiene, removing plaque and preventing tartar formation.