Canvit Probio for dogs and cats 230 g

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CANVIT - Canvit Probio for dogs and cats 230 g

Combination of probiotics, prebiotics and enzyme complex, to support gut microflora balance, healthy digestion and a strong immune system in dogs and cats.

Healthy intestines and a balanced microflora can help reduce overall inflammatory processes in the body.
Probiotics and prebiotics keep the microbiome in balance and support friendly bacteria, essential for gut health and immunity.

Health comes from the gut. A healthy digestive system prevents parasites and bacteria from taking hold and causing unpleasant problems such as diarrhea, allergies and inflammation. Canvit Probio is a source of probiotics and prebiotic enzyme complex to support gut microbiota balance, immunity and ease digestion.

Canvit Probio is a daily dose of probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy gut, digestion and strong immunity.

– Healthy microbiome and strong immunity: probiotics and prebiotics care for the balance of the microbiome and promote the growth of friendly bacteria, which are crucial for a healthy gut and strong immunity.

– Easy digestion in case of sensitive digestion: the enzyme complex with fulvic acid aids the digestion of feed ingredients and prevents unpleasantness such as soft poo and flatulence.

With Canvit Probio you can look forward to firm and fragrant poo, a clear sign of healthy digestion.

Weight: 230 g

Ingredients: lactose,  fructo-oligosaccharides  (250,000  mg/kg),  hydrolyzed  yeast  (200,000  mg/kg), lignocellulose,  hydrolyzed  liver,  mannan-oligosaccharides  (50,000  mg/kg),  beta-glucans  (30,000  mg/kg),  by-product  of  enzyme  production  with  Aspergillus  niger  (20,000  mg/kg),  fulvic  acid  (5,000  mg/kg),  inactivated bacteria and parts thereof (Lactobacillus helveticus HA – 122, 30×10 11  cells/kg).

Analytical constituents: crude protein 12.0%, crude fat 1.0%, moisture 8.0%, crude ash 4.0%, crude fibre 3.5%, calcium 0.1%, phosphorus 0.1%, sodium 0.1%

Nutritional additives in 1 kg: vitamin C (3a312) 5 000 mg

Dosage:Tablets are given directly from the hand or crushed into the feed. Regularly 1 tbl. per 5 kg of animal weight.