Canvit BARF Coconut oil 600 g / Canvit BARF Kokosový olej 600 g

Coconut oil in organic quality for active and sporting dogs

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CANVIT - Canvit BARF Coconut oil 600 g

Cold-pressed coconut oil is an excellent supplement not only for dogs fed BARF diets. Because coconut oil contains lauric oil (an antimicrobial) it promotes supports and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also supports a the health of the heart, blood vessels and liver and has a positive effect on the coat and skin.

It remains solid at a temperature below 20 – 250C and melts at higher temperatures. It is used as a food supplement, but can also be applied externally to the coat and skin.

Complementary food for dogs


100% coconut oil.

Feeding guide:

Add the coconut oil to your dog´s normal food according to the recommended dosage in the feeding table. When using topically, allow a small amount of the oil to melt in a moistened palm and then rub into the coat.


Store in a dry, dark place in the original sealed packaging.

Feeding table:

Daily dosage:
Small dogs and cats (1-10kg) 1/2 teaspoon
Medium dogs (10-25 kg) 1 teaspoon
Large dogs (25-45kg) 1 1/2 teaspoons
Extra large dogs (over 45 kg) 2 teaspoons