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CANVIT - Probio

Probiotic for healthy digestion

Complex of probiotic Enterococcus faecium, prebiotics, beta-glucans, and vitamins for healthy digestion and formation of firm, odourless stools.

The digestive system contains an immense quantity of friendly (nonpathogenic) bacteria, which are important for digestion and immunity. In the event of digestive system disease or during antibiotic therapy, the balance of bacteria in the intestines is disrupted, leading to overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. This change results in diarrhoea, soft stools, and increased flatulence. Canvit Probio is a complex of probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins that prevents overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and supports intestinal immunity during diarrhoea and antibiotic therapy.

Biologically available beta glucans for stimulation of macrophages (first cells of the immune system).


Supports treatment of digestive system diseases and diarrhoea
Reduces negative impact on digestion during antibiotic therapy
Improves stool consistency and reduces flatulence in dogs with sensitive digestion


Mix powder into food.

Recommended daily dose:

Dog size Daily dose:
Dwarf breeds (up to 5 kg) 0.5 g
Small breeds (5-15 kg) 1 g
Med. & large br. (15-35kg) 2 g

1 g contains:
Probiotic: Enterococcus faecium 7,5×10⁹ CFU
Prebiotics: MOS


100 g

Includes 4 g measuring scoop