Canvit Evening Primrose oil

Skin disorder support

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CANVIT - Canvit Evening Primrose oil

Evening primrose oil to suppress itching and skin allergies

Evening primrose oil is a source of GLA omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties that help stop itching in animals with allergies or sensitive skin.

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) metabolizes into substances with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and a positive effect on the skin and coat. It suppresses allergy-induced itching and redness and improves the quality of skin and coat in animals with allergies.

Linoleic acid (LA) has a positive effect on the immune system, suppresses allergy-induced inflammatory processes and itching, and relieves the symptoms of food sensitivity.

Regenerates skin, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Helps reduce itching, shedding, and coat oiliness.


Supports treatment of allergy-induced itching and atopic skin conditions
Promotes healthy skin, a thick, shiny coat, and strong nails
Supports treatment of allergies, food sensitivity, and allergy-induced atopic skin conditions


Add recommended daily dose directly to food.

Recommended daily dose:

5 ml per 10 kg body weight

1 ml of oil contains an average of 90 mg (9%) gamma-linolenic acid (GLA – omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid), 710 mg (71%) linoleic acid (LA – omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid)

Other fatty acids: 90 mg (9%) oleic acid, 30 mg (3%) stearic acid, 70 mg (7%) palmitic acid


250 ml